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Wanna work with me?

Here's how! 

I typically offer a few different avenues for 1:1 sessions and coaching. However, I  am currenlty only offering sessions to those who have hired me for Community Support. If you’re interested in a 1:1 session, send me an email to get on the waitlist! If you're looking for HD support for your mastermind or commnity, I look forward to chatting! 

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Human Design Readings

Get comfy cozy with the foundational aspects of your chart through a basic reading. We spend time ensuring you have what you need to really start navigating and integrating your newfound awareness around you you are built to operate. In this session we cover your type (your aura mechanics) your strategy (how you find flow) your not self and signature feelings (how to know if you’re on or off track) your authority (your unique decision making process) and your profile (how you show up in the world) if we have time!


These sessions are 60 minutes long and your investment is $255. I’m currently limiting these sessions due to other commitments, so please email for scheduling details! 

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Intuitive 1:1 Support Sessions

Let’s take a deep dive into your chart to realign after a season of big fear, lots of "failure" or burnout. This is a intuitive coaching session designed to dig into what may be holding you back from stepping into your power. My hope for you is that you’ll leave the session with a deeper understanding of what is keeping you stuck, with some tangible steps to move forward into what’s next.


These sessions are 90 minutes and your investment is $333. I’m currently limiting these sessions due to other commitments, so please email for more details! All inquiries are considered, but I take time to go back and forth with you before you book to ensure that this kind of session is indeed the best fit! 

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HD Community Support 

Are you ready to bring HD into your mastermind or group program! If you’re looking to start incorporating HD into your coaching business or community, I would love to work with you!  Whether you’d like to introduce your group to Human Design through a group coaching call, book readings for your members or have continuous HD coaching support for your team -  I’d love to chat with you more!

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