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Uniquely Me Affirmation Cards

an affirmation deck customized to your unique human design

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In my first session, I was blown away. Not only was my reading eerily accurate, but it was something I could apply to my life right away. I could also see how my design showed up from early childhood into adulthood and in my business. As I'm experimenting with my strategy and authority, I'm finding so much more self-compassion and self-love while seeing results directly in my personal development, relationships, and business. I feel more secure in my decisions and less confused about what feels hard and what feels effortless. I'm experiencing new joy and freedom without pushing.
One of the best decisions I made! Christina helped me understand how I operate in a way that no other 'personality typing' has before. She is incredibly knowledgeable in human design and her passion is contagious.
Christina doesn't tell you what to do or how to do it...she holds up a mirror and gives the power back to you to live out your own unique human design and cheers you on the whole way. I feel like I've been invited into an ancient magical club that loves the hell out of each other and cheers each other on. My life is changed. I'm so grateful and encouraged to be myself. I can't recommend working with Christina enough.

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