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Hey Friend! My name is Christina

and I'm a Human Design guide.

"What's that?" you ask?! If you're not familiar with Human Design, it's a beautiful system that helps you get to know and align with your unique energy. Some call it a "blueprint" to our body and soul, I see it as a map to accepting and stepping into our whole selves. Every one of us is unique, as is our path to success. We aren't meant to play by other people's rules, and aligning with our design helps us understand just how we can embody and empower all that we can be. We don't know that what we experience is unique to us until we do. My goal is to help make self growth and discovery a little less lonely and a little more loving. I'm here to provide a cozy and safe space for you while you discover and step into all that you can be. If you're ready, I'd be honored to guide you.

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here's how...

an intro to you

a 60 minute session that introduces you to the most important parts of your design. these sessions are best for HD newbies who crave a deeper understanding of their design, + just aren't quite sure where to start!  we'll cover the basics + then some!

an intro to your fam

a 90 minute session for you + your crew. these sessions are perfect for parents who want to understand how to support themselves + their kiddos as best as they can. we can cover up to three charts  though there are a few parameters! so check out the details prior to booking!

chart converstaions

these heart to hearts are a perfect follow-up to your introductory sessions or for those who already know HD. they are casual and create space for a deeper dive into your chart, or  to connect and process something through your, or your child's, design.

community support

human design can make a world of difference in how each of your community members thrives. I'd love to chat about how I can support you, in your efforts to support others!

for masterminds, group coaching programs, and more. 


what clients are saying...

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Got a question? Want to collaborate?

Send me a message! Let's chat! 

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